Crusade to Happiness / Loveboat – Zambia

POWER AND GLORY FILMS has just wrapped another production of the German television series "Loveboat" at the Victoria Falls in Zambia. This was the 7th movie in the series for German ZDF, produced by Polyphon and serviced by POWER AND GLORY FILMS. The series has been on air for more than 25 years and extremely successful all over the world.

With stunning locations at the Victoria Falls, one of the wonders of the world, we had thrilling encounters with heards of elephants, crocodiles, old steamer trains in perfectly running order – not only a boy's dream -, the cruise boat "African Queen", action filled shots of rafting the mighty Zambezi, fire fighting and a lot of traditional local stories to create another colourful and adventurous episode.

POWER AND GLORY FILMS was responsible for production management and brought in all equipment, including our own super-silenced generator from Namibia. We hope you got carried away to a magical place by stunning locations and pictures, when this movie aired on 11th January 2009.