Etosha - 100 Years

Etoscha – 100 Jahre

45 min., Documentary, Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer" (SWR/Arte)

Director: Lisa Eder

Camera: Raphael Scriba

Production Management: POWER AND GLORY FILMS

100 years Etosha National Park: innovative and trendsetting already in 1907 – in a time in which ivory and animal skins still belonged to colonial export favourites – nature conversation in Namibia is still today trendsetting in Africa. New ways and ideas on a state and private level are being highlighted by portraying the exciting work of vets, game capturers and farmers in collaboration with the local tribes. Catching rhinos and elephants, darting lions, providing them with radio collars, relocating giraffes and antilopes: all of this is part of an important contribution to Namibia’s successful nature conservation and an exciting, informative entertainment.